Veteran's Court

Coconino County established the Veteran’s Court to serve all members of the military and veterans who enter the criminal justice system. Its mission is to serve in a just manner those who have served us. In most cases, the court will require a rigorous program of rehabilitation catered to the individual participant.

The Veteran's Court will identify the behavioral health issues and criminogenic factors that have resulted in veterans or service members entering the criminal justice system and order the development of a case plan to address those issues and factors. The participant may consent to counseling and treatment under their plan or be ordered to comply with it.

The judge, prosecutor, defense attorney and probation officer have specialized training in the issues facing service members and veterans. They work collaboratively with the Northern Arizona Veteran’s Administration Health Care System and community agencies to develop a case management plan that is specifically tailored to each participant.

Adult Probation monitors progress with the case management plan, and the court conducts regular reviews of the progress. Mentoring with successful veterans is another component of the court that is undergoing development. The ultimate goal is that participants become healthy and are able to pursue their dreams. As a result, their families are strengthened, the homeless veterans are in housing, the employable are employed and our society is richer.

For more information about this program, call (928) 679-7514 or email Sharon Yates.