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Posted on: July 19, 2021

Museum Flood Area July 19 | Evening Media Advisory

Museum Flood Area Evening Update

Below is a summary of today’s activities by the Coconino County Flood Control District and City of Flagstaff related to the Museum Flood Area.

Storm Activity:  The National Weather Service is forecasting increased thunderstorm activity through Thursday with particularly increased chance of significant rainfall Wednesday and Thursday this week. Thunderstorm cells missed the Museum burn scar today.

 Sandbag Stations: 

  • Coconino High School: South parking lot 2801 N Izabel near the Hal Jensen Recreation Center
  • Coconino County Health and Human Services: 2625 King Street

 We produced 5,000 sandbags today and additional resources are arriving throughout the week to assist with sandbag production and placement. Residents who are elderly or have disabilities that prevent them from repairing their sandbag walls adjacent to their homes can call 928-679-8525 for assistance. 

 Site Assessments: Engineers are conducting site assessments throughout Flagstaff to evaluate flood mitigation efforts on private properties and advise residents on the best approach to mitigate flood impacts to their homes without negatively impacting neighbors. There have been approximately 140 requests for assessments. You can request a site-assessment if: 

  • Flood water has overtopped your sandbags 
  • Flood water is impacting your home even with sandbags or other mitigation 
  • You are concerned about impacts from nearby sandbag/mitigation efforts 

To request a site assessment, please contact the Museum Flood Area Call Center at 928-679-8525. City and County team members will be conducting these assessments prioritizing residents who are elderly and/or disabled, as well as properties where water has impacted the interior of the homes.

Public Infrastructure Assessment: The City of Flagstaff conducted an assessment of the public infrastructure impacted by the flooding and have identified 83 sites. The damage to these sites has an estimated damage (plus labor and equipment) $2.6 million.

Flood Impact Assessment Update: 81 private property flood impact assessments have been completed, 66 of which were reporting interior damage and 15 reporting exterior damage. Tomorrow, crews will conduct stormwater assessments for exterior damage sustained on private property due to flood waters. The cost estimate to date is $1.1 million. If your home has been impacted on the interior by flooding, please report the impacts by calling the Museum Flood Area Call Center at 928-679-8525.  


  • From the top of Paradise down to Park Street, the barriers have been reset and fortified.
  • Other work at the end of Paradise includes evaluation and implementation of a flood mitigation system to pass floodwater between the houses with a decrease in impact to homes.
  • The inlet at Linda Vista is being evaluated with the goal of improving capacity and repairing the trash rack.
  • Crews are working to remove sediment and debris from the culverts and the channel immediately downstream of the Linda Vista crossing.
  • The Dortha Crossing has been fortified with sandbags and an additional concrete barrier is being added near Main Street to improve the flood mitigation system. 
  • The Arroyo Seco inlet has been cleared of debris and fortified with sandbags.  
  • Crews continue to deliver and place sandbags at homes, within the flood hazard area, who have requested assistance through the Call Center and where identified by engineering crews.

Below is important information for residents of the Museum Flood Area and those who experienced monsoonal flooding: 

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