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All COVID-19 vaccine FIRST DOSE appointments at the Fort Tuthill vaccination site are booked. Check back frequently as appointments could become available if cancellations occur. We are working to add partner vaccine sites for expanded appointment capacity. 



Copy of IG Updated COVID Testing (6)

Copy of IG Updated COVID Testing (8)

Register for saliva-based testing here. NOTE, the agency Code, in all capital letters, is: SALIVATEST

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Starting Friday, January 29, you can find the Weekly Report on the Dashboard page and the Schools update on the Re-opening page.

See the NEW Weekly Report (1/22/2021) for additional information.  Also available, the Schools Update (1/22/2021).

  • Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) has updated the online school data dashboard used to assist schools with decision making. The school benchmarks are now aligned with the ADHS business benchmarks. School benchmarks are no longer displayed as “met and not met” criteria, but now provide a range of metrics to determine minimal, moderate, and substantial transmission. Based on the level of transmission, ADHS provides a recommended delivery model of either virtual, hybrid, or traditional/in-person. The Coconino County Schools Update aligns with this change. More information can be found on the ADHS website.
  • Coconino County does not have the authority to dictate if schools are open, closed, or in a hybrid model. The County provides data which leaders in schools use to make decisions.

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Coconino County Calls on All to Wear Face Coverings

Face Coverings - Frequently Asked Questions

Public health precautions recommended for Independence Day celebrations

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Antibody Testing Frequently Asked Questions

University of Arizona Antibody Testing Initiative for health care workers and first responders across the state. Information and registration at

 Sonora Quest Laboratories Information

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CCHHS Community Service Programs have the following assistance available:

Call 928-679-7453.

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Glossary of Terms
  • Asymptomatic - A person is a carrier for a disease or infection but experiences and shows no symptoms.
  • Isolation - A sick person with COVID-19 is isolated to prevent spread to other people.
  • Quarantine - A healthy person who might be exposed is quarantined to prevent possible spread to other people. This person is monitored for symptoms during their quarantine.
  • Surveillance - A information gathering method which watches Health Care centers and facilities for possible COVID-19 cases.
  • Monitoring - A process of CCHHS contact with individuals to watch for symptoms among individuals.
  • Presumptive positive - A positive case from the State lab. HHS Treats presumptive positive cases as if they are confirmed cases.
  • Confirmed case - A presumptive positive case confirmed by the CDC lab. These cases are treated as positive case by HHS.
  • Close contact -
  • Percent Positive -  the number of people with a positive test result, reported electronically out of all people with COVID-19 Testing reported electronically completed in AZ.
  • COVID-Like Illness (CLI) - The National Syndromic Surveillance Program's BioSense Platform ESSENSE tool detects COVID-Like Illness (CLI) visits by identifying key terms and codes within the patient's stated reason of visit, and discharge diagnosis code field. CLI visits are displayed as a percentage of total hospital visits .
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