If I think my taxes are too high, who do I call?

The taxes on each annual tax notice are the result of several calculations: 1) the Limited Property Value multiplied by 2) the assessment ratio multiplied by 3) the tax rates established through the budget process by each taxing jurisdiction on your tax notice.

Once taxes are levied, the only way they can be adjusted is if an error was made during the assessment process (e.g., the square footage of a home or improvement was miscalculated, exemptions were not applied to the parcel, the Legal Class is not correct). The first department to contact is the County Treasurer at 928-679-8188 or 877-500-1818; or via email at tmorales@coconino.az.gov If the issue is related to the assessment process or specific taxing jurisdictions, you will be directed to the correct department or agency.

Property owners are encouraged to attend the Truth in Taxation hearings conducted by each of the taxing jurisdictions during their budget process each spring. Newly passed legislation that changes tax ratios can increase the burden on residential property owners. Recent voter approved bond issues can also have the effect of increasing taxes over prior years.

We hope this information is helpful to you in understanding your property tax bills and the assessment process. Please visit the Treasurer’s website for more information and to obtain contact information for each taxing jurisdiction.

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