How can I get a copy of my Criminal History Record?

We can provide “background” or “criminal history checks” for individuals wanting to know their own history, but do not provide background checks on other persons for public use. The fee is $7 cash or check, or the fee is waived if you have a Section 8 Housing Authority letter.

To request your personal local background check (police or sheriff specific jurisdictions) contact your local police or sheriff’s office. For the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, you can complete the Online Background Check Request. Alternatively, you can download and complete the Background Check Form and return it to the Records Unit located at 911 E. Sawmill Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, phone number (928) 214-2530.

For AZ criminal history checks / clearance you must contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety Criminal History Records Unit, phone (602) 223-2279. For national checks / clearance, you must contact the FBI, Special Correspondence Unit, phone (304) 625-5590.


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