Who can help me get a street name?

We can help! Streets that aren't related to a subdivision can be named if:

  • the requestor can prove legal access / easements
  • the street name is acceptable to applicable agencies (we'll handle getting these approvals for you!) 
    • GIS, emergency response and USPS sign off on all street names. 
    • If applicable, Fire districts also sign off on street names.

Here is the process we'll follow:

  • The street naming petition process offers the opportunity to provide feedback, and is sent to all property owners served by the road that is to be named.
  • We will send out letters to all property owners served by the road, with a 2 week timeframe for responses. 
    • For newly named streets, a majority (51%) of property owners served by the proposed street must support the name. Non-response after 14 days does not count as a protest. 
    • For changes to street names, 100% of property owners must submit a petition saying they support the change.

To get started, send us an email at gis@coconino.az.gov, and provide the following: 

  • proof of legal access (easements) for the length of the road to be named. We can help you determine if these easements are already on record, if you don't know.
  • your top 3 choices for street name [guidelines]
  • your parcel number
  • your name, phone number(s), and email address

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