Who do I ask about something I didn't see in these other FAQs?

We're always happy to help direct you to the right place: gis@coconino.az.gov, (928) 679-7800.

Questions about:Contact:
  • Zoning
  • Ingress/ egress
  • Easements
  • Building structures
  • Certificate of Occupancy (including for RVs)
Coconino County Community Development:
(928) 679-8850

  • Street signs on or intersecting a County-maintained road
Coconino County Public Works:
(928) 679-8300
  • Recording deed or changes to deed
  • Recording easement
  • Affidavit of property value
Coconino County Recorder
(928) 679-7850
  • Change the ownership of a property
  • Remove decedent’s name from deed
  • Make any other changes to a deed
  • Record business name
An attorney
  • Correcting a legal description (including easements)

A surveyor or land attorney
See also the Assessor's FAQs

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1. Who can help me "verify my address"?
2. Who can help me change the physical address of my property?
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7. How do I use the Parcel Viewer?
8. How can I access free GIS data?
9. How can I buy Coconino County parcel data?
10. How can I find the legal description of my property?
11. How do I pay my property taxes?
12. How to I find a plat map?
13. How do I buy LiDAR data?
14. Who do I ask about something I didn't see in these other FAQs?