How are applications evaluated?
Coconino County uses an evaluation matrix, meaning applications are scored quantitatively based on their education, experience and skills related to the position.

At each step in the selection process you must be prepared to demonstrate your qualifications. Completing a detailed application is the first step.

It is important to read the job announcement and to supply detailed information about your experience and skills as they relate to the description of the job. It is particularly important to take note of the information in the "Minimum Requirements" section.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: All job announcements contain minimum requirements. These are the qualifications you MUST have in order to qualify for the job unless substitutions are listed below the section. Be sure you clearly identify on your application that you meet these minimums.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Some job openings allow substitutions for the minimum requirements. Most often the substitutions allow directly related experience to substitute for educational requirements or vice versa.

PREFERENCES: Applicants who meet the preferred qualifications or ideal candidate description (in addition to the minimum requirements) will be a closer match for a job opening and will be considered stronger candidates.

NOTES: This section provides specific information about the job (i.e. unusual schedules, call-back for emergency requirements, work performed in multiple locations, grant funding, limited appointment, etc..

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