I have applied for several jobs and have never been contacted for an interview. What happened?
Most often the reason an applicant who meets the minimum qualifications is not selected for an interview is because a large number of qualified applicants applied for the job opening.

So what can you do as an applicant to maximize your opportunity for employment with Coconino County?

1. Fill out your application completely. The application may be the very first impression we have of you, your skills and abilities. A professional, descriptive application gives us an idea of your skill sets and strengths and is the first step in a successful hire. It is important that your application show all of the relevant education and experience that you possess. Applications may be disqualified if they are incomplete. Coconino County requires that a separate application be submitted for each position for which you are applying. It is important that you apply by the close of business (5:00 pm) on the close date. If the position is “Open Until Filled” applications are sent over periodically for review and the position may be closed as soon as a qualified applicant is hired.

2. Review the minimums, preferences and ideal candidate description of the open position. We first review the candidate’s skills to ensure the person meets the Minimum Qualifications necessary to perform the duties of the position. Once that is determined, we look for additional skills—specifically those mentioned as preferences or ideal candidate qualities. If you possess those skills and experience, list it clearly on the application. If you are unsure where to put the information, use the additional information box. If you don’t possess that particular experience, but have what you consider a similar skill set, write that down too.

3. Be specific on your application. If the posting lists Microsoft Word as a preference and you have experience with Microsoft Word, do not write Microsoft Office. A person with Microsoft Office experience might be strong with Excel, but not Word. Do not leave your skill description up to interpretation. It isn’t possible to list everything on a single application, so tailor your application to specifically highlight the preferences for each position. If you are applying for several positions at once, make certain the preferences are addressed for each opening.

4. Your resume is not a legal document. Because your resume is not a legal document, we require that the application be completely filled out. Do not write “see resume.” You may elect to submit a resume with your application to further highlight your experience, but it should be a supporting document only.

5. We use a Decision Matrix to determine who will move forward in the recruitment process to interviews. A Decision Matrix is an objective tool that weights preferences in order to score applications quantitatively. The skill sets listed in the preferences and ideal candidate description listed on the posting become criteria for moving forward in the process and are assigned points. Each candidate who meets the minimum qualifications will be assigned points for each criteria they identify. The highest scoring applications will move forward through interviews and/or testing.

6. Prepare for your interview. Apart from skill sets, the interview process evaluates your ability to get along with others, work in a team environment and communicate effectively. Every position is different and, therefore, the questions we ask during interviewing will reflect what the hiring manager is seeking. In general, we look for Capability (the person’s hard skills and education), Commitment (the person’s internal desire to do the job) and Chemistry (the person’s fit into our environment) and, finally, someone who shares our organizational values including honesty, respect, integrity, responsibility and community. Think about what sort of questions you would ask if you were the hiring manager and prepare honest responses to those questions. Think of past examples of work performance that demonstrated your strengths and skills as well as opportunities for growth and development.

7. If you don’t know, just ask. If you have questions regarding the application, the recruitment process or the position, don’t hesitate to call Human Resources. You may reach us at (928)679-7100.

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