Why work at Coconino County?
The County strives to provide high quality customer service to applicants through timely recruitment processes and applicant feedback at all phases of the recruitment. We want every applicant’s experience to be positive whether they are the selected candidate for this opening or a future opening.

As the second largest geographic county in the United States, Coconino County is home to many diverse landscapes ranging from tall ponderosa pines to colorful deserts and everything in between. The employees and citizens who reside and work in our County are just as diverse. The name “Coconino” is derived from “Cohonino,” the Hopi word for Havasupai and Yavapai. Our name represents more than one group of people, which is fitting since the different ideas and perspectives of our individuals make us so strong. Coconino County is a great place to live, work and flourish because people are our most valuable asset. “Vast and endless beauty and home to many cultures,” it is more than just a statement on our logo, it is what makes us unique.

The opportunities in public service are endless and there is no more rewarding career than one in which you serve your community. The County provides a diverse array of services requiring a wide variety of expertise by County employees from all careers and backgrounds. If you are not sure how your education, background or talents may fit into a career at Coconino County, we invite you to visit our website at www.coconino.az.gov to view our job openings and job descriptions (our Jobs Descriptions link describes potential future openings).

Equal Opportunity Employer.

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1. No computer or limited computer skills? Need help with the online application? Our staff will assist you.
2. Where do I find the employment application?
3. How do I submit paper applications?
4. What about paper applications?
5. I don’t have an email address, what can I do?
6. What happens if I submit two application for the same job opening?
7. May I submit a resume?
8. Will you notify me when a County job opens in my field of interest?
9. May I submit an application for future Coconino County job openings?
10. What are supplemental questions and how do I submit my answers to these?
11. How do closing dates work? What if the closing date is listed as “Continuous?”
12. How are applications evaluated?
13. I have submitted my application. What happens next?
14. I have applied for several jobs and have never been contacted for an interview. What happened?
15. What benefits does Coconino County offer employees?
16. Do you have internships?
17. Can you help me find a job?
18. I have a disability. What assistance can Coconino County offer to me in the employment process or in the form of an accommodation?
19. Why work at Coconino County?