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Detention Facility - Bail Bond Survey

  1. 1. Rate the accuracy of bond information received from Detention Staff via the telephone
  2. 2. Rate the accuracy of the information you received from Detention Lobby Staff
  3. 3. Rate the accuracy of information about your client's charge(s) from Detention Staff
  4. 4. Rate the courtesy and professionalism you were given by Detention Intake Staff
  5. 5. Rate the timeliness of having any documents signed
  6. 6. Rate the professionalism of Detention Staff answering your questions
  7. 7. Rate the timeliness of meeting with your potential client bonding out
  8. 8. Rate the timeliness of Detention Intake Staff processing the bond you posted
  9. 9. Rate the cleanliness of the Detention Lobby/Visitation area
  10. 10. Rate how well the communication device worked during your visit
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